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Out of popular demand, we have just handsewn a few Amazonian featherheads for dressing up. We added an elastic band at the back for big and small Amazonians. Enjoy! Check our online store:

We were inspired this season by Brazil’s vibrant colors, Copacabana’s mosaics, palm trees swaying in the wind, Rio’s deep blue sky, colorful candomble necklaces, the iconic canary yellow telephone booths. We also wanted to pay homage to Oscar Niemeyer. Looking back at our photos taken during our previous travels to Brazil, we already feel the […]

Whenever I travel, I take photos of objects that, in my mind, resume best the country’s culture. If I had to resume Korea with a few objects, here would be my selection: Wooden cookie molds celebrating animals and flowers, mulberry paper in Korean’s color palette, rolls of calligraphy painting and a ceramic tea service. I really […]

Over the holidays, we saw the sumptuous “Matisse: In Search of True Painting” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. We were lucky to have an after hour tour with our favorite Met insider – our cousin, Patricia Llosa, a visual artist with a background in archeology and art history who has worked at the […]


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