Summers in Normandy for me, is always synonymous to hopping from village to village, scouring brocantes.

While there is no literal translation of the word “brocante” in English, the closest would be “rummage sale” where people bring out belongings ranging from junk to heirlooms, to sell at the village square or chateau.

Here is one of my summer finds, perfect for our son’s room: two images d’Epinal of Napoleonic soldiers by the Imprimerie Pellerin.

I love the size of the illustrations, the exaggerated traits of the costumes and erect posture the soldiers, and their bold colors.

For the story behind these illustrations, images d’Épinal were prints from Epinal, in the  Vosges region of France, mainly printed by the Imprimerie Pellerin who would print with woodblocks using an old Gutenberg press, and then have their workers color the images with stencils.

The images were then distributed throughout France during the 19th century, most often by itinerant peddlers hopping from village to village with their hotte on their back and accompanied by a donkey carrying their merchandise.

The Imprimerie Pellerin was widely known for printing illustrations from children’s stories and historical images glorifying the heroes of the Napoleonic era.

LaPetiteCaravane x ModaOperandi

La Petite Caravane is thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive capsule collection for Moda Operandi available from now until August 31.

Moda Operandi is the New York-based online luxury retailer that allows you to access collections from top designers direct from runway but also from emerging designers.

Co-founded by Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo, Moda Operandi was most recently the sponsor of this year’s Met gala and exhibition “PUNK: From Chaos to Couture”.

We developed our “Collection Transatlantique” in collaboration with Indre Rockefeller, Moda Operandi’s Director of Ready-to-Wear, who has been a great supporter of emerging designers and La Petite Caravane.

Our “Collection Transatlantique” is inspired by the golden-era of steamship travel in the 1960s.

Steamer trunks found in a family attic and tales of transatlantic travel inspired a collection that recalls an era when pace of travel encouraged elegance.

I imagined the exciting adventures for children aboard the legendary paquebot Le France, which sailed between Le Havre and New York in the golden era of transatlantic luxury travels of the late 1960s: From playing hide-and-seek between cabins, to chasing seagulls on the promenade deck or playing cards in the palm court. Or perhaps even an encounter with the wildcat Salvador Dali’s brought aboard the maiden voyage of Le France.

Shapes draw on 1960s-style silhouettes, and include, for girls, a button down shirt dress with box-pleated skirt; A-line dresses with box pleats; a sleeveless dress with flat pointed collar; a three quarter jupe-culotte; a sleeveless ruffled peplum top with a back bow; a sleeveless flat pointed collar blouse; an embroidered gathered skirts and a detailed pleated skirt. Textures and colors are as varied as the richness of adventures onboard. They include paisley prints to Swiss dots to gold brocade, from yellow canary to fuchsia, to Prussian blue.

I hope you will like it!






Cabane normande

Here is the homemade cabane in Normandie where our children and their friends play restaurant, queen and kings, and read books.

How do your cabane and tree houses look like in your part of the world?

Here is a gorgeous ostrich plumage we saw at the Parc Zoologique et Chateau de Thoiry, an hour away from Paris.


Swimming flippers, books, newspapers, notebooks, crayons, children’s snacks. What do mothers not carry in their bags?
I have amassed an impressive collection of tote bags in all kinds of fabrics from all over the world and actually now use tote bags to carry my purse, books and everything I need for the day. I decided it was time to design a series of colorful La Petite Caravane tote bags.


Our daughter was given this beautiful book pop up book by her godmother – “Birdscapes”, by Miyoko Chu (with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology), a book celebrating bird songs from Northern American habitats.

She would spend hours looking at it. More recently, her young one year old brother has taken up the ritual of opening the book daily, at the crack of dawn and flipping through the pages as they emit different bird songs from different bird species from diverse Northern American habitats. We discover the rhythmic clicking sound of a Buff-breasted sandpiper in the Artic Tundra, the drumming of a Pileated Woodpecker, the spiraling ventriloquial notes of a Swainson’s Thrush from the Pacific Rain Forest or a King Rai’s castanet clicking in the cypress swamp.

The illustrations, by Julia Hargreaves are gorgeous, realistic so engaging that our son also spends hours pointing to all the birds hiding in the trees or in swamps. The paper engineering by Gene Vosough, Renee Jablow and Andy Baron are also incredibly thought out.

Our son now looks up to the trees every time we go out and points to every bird he sees. A very gratifying ritual for an urban mother!


La Petite Caravane in Playtimes magazine photoshoot by stylist Ingrid Kenneally
and photographer, Belinda Bath.

Few blogs have caught our eye as vividly as, recently launched by the tandem – stylist Ingrid Keneally and photographer Belinda Bath.

Ingrid and Belinda have a eye for catching beauty in everyday life. They have decided to share their finds with us.

I love their styling, their finds and share of recipes – ranging from tie dye lace, to ceramics, to egg tarts.

Their recent post on cookie molds remind me that I should also share a cookie mold I found in an antique shop in Bangkok.

As a long time blogger, photographer and writer who has always posted my own photos and content, it’s also very refreshing to discover a like-minded blog with original content.

Here is a recent post on Parties, which features some shots of La Petite Caravane’s Saint-Tropez collection for a issue of Playtimes magazine (some of which I just discovered myself).

Thank you Ingrid and Belinda!


Our favorite inseparable sisters, Zari and Avia wear our Claudia dresses, in canary and sky blue.

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Having just returned from New York, where summer came overnight this week, with clear blue skies and warm temperatures, I thought I would share with you a few shells from my friend Elizabeth’s collection. I love the colors and textures of some of her pieces, which come from Australia and Bali.


Out of popular demand, we have just handsewn a few Amazonian featherheads for dressing up. We added an elastic band at the back for big and small Amazonians. Enjoy!

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