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Zara, one of our favorite models, takes our Caroline Bay skirt for a test jump!

We are entering a new phase of digital printing, with more subdued yet striking and elegant prints. Digital textile printing originally inspired more experimental prints, as mentioned in a previous post. However, as Suzy Menkes from the International Herald Tribune notes, British designers are honing their digital printing skills to bring more sophisticated prints to their […]

Clothing design is important, presentation is also important. I am not Japanese, but do believe in giving a gift form plays an important role. Tissue paper may be easy and is most often used by retailers to present their clothes, but I want to be more personal and find a wrapping idea that lasts longer than […]

After designing and sewing my first 1960s inspired dress, I have continued experimenting with the era. This dress which I designed, made the pattern for and sewn by hand, is worn with my fetiche Brazilian necklace brought back from Salvadore de Bahia, and a Mischa clutch made by my friend Michelle Lai. Inspired by a […]

Traditional qi pao in Hong Kong received a revamp in the 1960s that included high hemlines and textile patterns imported from the west, trends echoed at the departure party for our friend Amy Wood. Hosted on the roof of our 1957 building and themed In The Mood For Love, guests made laudable efforts at recreating […]

In the midst of pashmina shawls and papier maches stalls just outside Delhi’s Crafts Museum,  I met an elderly couple from Northern India (near the Himalayas, they say) selling striking hand embroidered silk and cotton ribbons. The couple unfortunately did not have examples showing how these ribbons are traditionally incorporated in Indian garments. I presume […]

Familiar with my passion for textile prints, my friend Inma Martinez kindly loaned me a Marimekko memory card deck on which are printed some of their most memorable prints. The cards, all featuring vivid and strong prints, start in the 1950s and run through to 2004. Each card includes the designer’s name and the year. […]

There are few better ways to get a taste of Ireland’s literary, musical and artistic vibrancy than the Kilkenny Arts Festival. Needless to say, Ireland continues to nurture accomplished artists and writers. Every summer, for the past three decades, Kilkenny, a medieval city in Southern Ireland, comes alive as a cultural center, with street performers, […]

For all its simple style, the kimono has lost status in Japan as daily apparel. Japanese women talk about kimonos with a sense of ritual and preciousness. How can something almost sacred return to daily life? I met a young Tokyo mother at the aquarium in Shinagawa taking her two daughters and a friend. In […]

Old family trunks can be amazing time machines. Amid Victorian lace and 1920s dresses in a trunk for “Children’s Fancy Dress”, I found an elaborately embroidered silk robe from China. The robe was probably brought back from China in the 1850s by my husband’s great-great-grandfather, Sir William Tyrone Power, KCB. Power traveled extensively throughout Asia […]


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