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We are entering a new phase of digital printing, with more subdued yet striking and elegant prints. Digital textile printing originally inspired more experimental prints, as mentioned in a previous post. However, as Suzy Menkes from the International Herald Tribune notes, British designers are honing their digital printing skills to bring more sophisticated prints to their […]

The hidden beat behind a fashion collection is often set by textile design. Less in the lime light than fashion designers, designers of textile patterns are the often forgotten storytellers. Artists behind the cut. I recently sat down with one such artist, Fabien Blachier, who has developed a culture of textile pattern in Shanghai Tang, […]

Vintage obi belts from old kimonos now have a second life. Long passionate about Japanese textiles, my friend Michelle Lai amassed an impressive collection of vintage kimono obi sashes. Experimental sewing of obis led Michelle to create MISCHA, a stunning line of evening clutches. Obi belts, the sashes that go with kimonos, come in different […]

In the midst of pashmina shawls and papier maches stalls just outside Delhi’s Crafts Museum,  I met an elderly couple from Northern India (near the Himalayas, they say) selling striking hand embroidered silk and cotton ribbons. The couple unfortunately did not have examples showing how these ribbons are traditionally incorporated in Indian garments. I presume […]

Familiar with my passion for textile prints, my friend Inma Martinez kindly loaned me a Marimekko memory card deck on which are printed some of their most memorable prints. The cards, all featuring vivid and strong prints, start in the 1950s and run through to 2004. Each card includes the designer’s name and the year. […]

I found the handsewn silk tunique in a friend’s colorful wardrobe. (I blogged earlier about Amanda‘s vintage finds). She bought the two piece tunique a few years ago from Portobello road. When do you think this print dates from? My guess would be the 60s. I love the vivid colors and the generous flowers which […]

I found this vintage silk dress at Cavalli e Nostri, a recommended vintage boutique in Milan. Simple long silk gown with striking hand painted leafy patterns. My guess would be end of 60s? In contrast to many vintage shops I have explored on my travels, Cavalli e Nostri offers an incredible palette of colorful prints. […]

Exciting new designs based on photographs, paintings or just about any digital image are now hitting fashion world thanks to recent advances in digital printing. Screenprinting, the standard design-printing technique, has many limitations: Artisans are required to engrave prints; Dyes can only be placed one color at a time, and a single order can take […]


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