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Our nostalgia for the golden era of transatlantic steamliner is shared by Moustache, the bespoke men’s tailor boutique. Ellis Kreuger, one of the Moustache boys, is here presenting their creations at The Hub in a Cunard Line trunk from Casa Capriz. Needless to say, Casa Capriz, founded by Irene Capriz, is a vintage haven, filled […]

Summers in Normandy for me, is always synonymous to hopping from village to village, scouring brocantes. While there is no literal translation of the word “brocante” in English, the closest would be “rummage sale” where people bring out belongings ranging from junk to heirlooms, to sell at the village square or chateau. Here is one […]

Here is the homemade cabane in Normandie where our children and their friends play restaurant, queen and kings, and read books. How do your cabane and tree houses look like in your part of the world?

Treasures can still be found in Ireland outside of auctions or overpriced flea markets. Countess Ann Bernstorff, an avid collector of historic textiles, fashion and toys in County Wexford, Ireland, found this beautiful silk Empire-style baby crib in Western Ireland. The owner of the crib had kept it in an old shed, turned upside down, […]


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