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Our favorite inseparable sisters, Zari and Avia wear our Claudia dresses, in canary and sky blue. Check our online website:

Are you a young designer eager to join a curated community ? Join ShopElsewhere, a collaborative movement launched by Ogilvy & Mather that encourages creative designers to recommend one other’s products. Here’s how it works: When a client buys a coral shirt dress from one designer, that dress will have a QR code linked to […]

We are thrilled to announce that you can now find La Petite Caravane’s Copacabana collection at the beautifully curated petit bazaar concept store on Queen’s Road. Petit bazaar is a wonderful haven for children in Hong Kong, where you can find a selection of beautiful toys, books, cutlery of all prints and colors, vintage inspired children’s […]

Boots are made for walking, shorts are made for climbing! Our Copacabana collection continues with Avia, our agile climber who wears our Annabelle Carnaval Shorts. And classic Clemence Snowdrop blouse

Come join us to celebrate Springtime in Copacabana at our showroom, starting tomorrow. We will also launch our collection online shortly. Will keep you posted! Collection Launch Thursday and Friday, April 25-26. From 10am to 7pm Gouter chez La Petite Caravane Thursday, May 3. From 2pm to 7pm Open Studio Friday, May 4. From 10am […]

Come discover Copacabana, our latest collection next Thursday and Friday at our showroom! My dog-eared sketchbooks and photo albums from traveling in Brazil inspired me for this season’s Copacabana collection. Colors reflect Rio’s vibrant intensity, from candomble bead necklaces to the iconic canary yellow telephone booths. Some prints echo the mosaics on Copacabana beach and […]

We are gearing up to the launch of our new Copacabana collection next week! To immerse you into Brazilian aesthetics, here is a photo I took of a woman in Salvador de Bahia, dressed in her traditional costume. I love the costume’s celebration of lace, vibrant colors, stacks of bangles, layers of bead necklaces and […]

Monday cartwheel for our exciting new adventure! La Petite Caravane is thrilled to announce our partnership with Quintessentially, the private members’ club and concierge service. Quintessentially has a great eye for findings for its members hidden treasures around the world. We are thrilled to be part of their journey!

Old family trunks are always full of wonders. While going through our Irish family trunks, I came across this knitting notebook which belonged to our children’s great-paternal grandmother, Peggy Butler (born Guthrie and sister of the great theater director, Tyrone Guthrie). Peggy deserves more than one post. She was vibrant, colorful character and an incredible […]

We are entering a new phase of digital printing, with more subdued yet striking and elegant prints. Digital textile printing originally inspired more experimental prints, as mentioned in a previous post. However, as Suzy Menkes from the International Herald Tribune notes, British designers are honing their digital printing skills to bring more sophisticated prints to their […]


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