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Happy Mid-Autumn festival to those living in China and Vietnam! Do you have your lanterns in hand? For those not familiar with the festivities, Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual harvest celebration in honor of the moon and harvest. The festival has evolved over the years into an exciting children’s festival where rituals include carrying brightly […]

Here is the homemade cabane in Normandie where our children and their friends play restaurant, queen and kings, and read books. How do your cabane and tree houses look like in your part of the world?

Our daughter was given this beautiful book pop up book by her godmother – “Birdscapes”, by Miyoko Chu (with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology), a book celebrating bird songs from Northern American habitats. She would spend hours looking at it. More recently, her young one year old brother has taken up the ritual of opening the […]

Few blogs have caught our eye as vividly as, recently launched by the tandem – stylist Ingrid Keneally and photographer Belinda Bath. Ingrid and Belinda have a eye for catching beauty in everyday life. They have decided to share their finds with us. I love their styling, their finds and share of recipes – […]

Out of popular demand, we have just handsewn a few Amazonian featherheads for dressing up. We added an elastic band at the back for big and small Amazonians. Enjoy! Check our online store:

Open Studio today – Thursday, May 9 until 7pm and tomorrow (Friday May 10th) from 10am-7pm. Come visit us! La Petite Caravane Showroom 307 Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central Tel.: 9136 8990 Here is Finn, our talented backstage photographer, wearing our linen Paco Acai shirt. We love creative spontaneity! In the middle […]

We are gearing up to the launch of our new Copacabana collection next week! To immerse you into Brazilian aesthetics, here is a photo I took of a woman in Salvador de Bahia, dressed in her traditional costume. I love the costume’s celebration of lace, vibrant colors, stacks of bangles, layers of bead necklaces and […]

In France, the post office no longer uses stamps. When you bring in an envelope or package, they will print out a sticker simply showing the cost of postage, a glorified receipt. In Hong Kong, they give the same stamp for every valuation. For these reasons, I often make the extra effort to go to […]

We were a little ahead of the season this year and organized our first Easter egg hunt this weekend. Lots of running around, shaking bushes, scrutinizing tree roots and sharing our bountiful bags full of chocolate eggs with friends. Here are some photos! Have a great week preparing for Easter Monday!

Old family trunks are always full of wonders. While going through our Irish family trunks, I came across this knitting notebook which belonged to our children’s great-paternal grandmother, Peggy Butler (born Guthrie and sister of the great theater director, Tyrone Guthrie). Peggy deserves more than one post. She was vibrant, colorful character and an incredible […]


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