Matisse at The Met: In Search Of True Painting



Over the holidays, we saw the sumptuous “Matisse: In Search of True Painting” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

We were lucky to have an after hour tour with our favorite Met insider – our cousin, Patricia Llosa, a visual artist with a background in archeology and art history who has worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the past 18 years.

Working for such an incredible museum, Patricia has had many lives at the Met. Her current one lies within the museum’s design department. Needless to say, we couldn’t have a better accomplice to navigate the Met for the few hours we had at the museum.

After a few detours relevant to our 3 year old daughter, such as the Edgar Degas ballerinas or the Van Gogh Irises in honor of her name, we finally arrived at the exhibition on Matisse’s experimental journey.

We could admire Matisse’s many versions of a same subject. The versions often came in pairs or trios.

Although some of the pairs or trios were painted during the same period, the most interesting ones were those painted at different times of Matisse’s life. You could appreciate the evolution of the artist’s color palette towards his most iconic bold bright colors.

Among the paintings I love most, are of course his work on interiors. I love his mix of print fabrics with contrasting print wallpaper and still life.

Go see it!



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