Couture: 60s Polka Dot


An indulgent moment with another 60s-inspired dress. I made the pattern and sewed it by hand.

I like simply elegant dresses: Slight boat neck; two sets of darts in front and back; a strong macha green polka dot silk print.

Originally I planned to add draping over the dress in homage to 60s (and so I could learn the art of draping).

Having finished the draping, however, I decided to leave the dress “bare”.

To give the 60s a contemporary touch, I am wearing a varnished belt.

4 Responses to “Couture: 60s Polka Dot”

  1. 1 chloe

    can you make me one please?!

    • Chloe, glad you like the dress!!
      Shall I have a couture line on the side, to share my indulgent treats?
      Maybe I could sew one or two dresses to keep my sewing going :-)

  2. I absolutely love this dress! Could you make me one? I have my daughters christening in September and it would be perfect!

    • Hannah,
      Glad you like my polka dot dress! I do love designing women’s wear and would love to make you one but am unfortunately focusing on my children’s wear line for now ( I’ll let you know if I find time (!) for custom made dresses.
      By the way, I love your creations! Can’t wait to see the hat you will design for Ascot.

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