To celebrate the launch of our new “Transatlantique” collection, we have collaborated with Australian cinematographer, Cordelia Beresford and French indie-folk band, Papooz to make our first video capturing our favorite accomplices, Iris and Leander, playing in the fields of Normandy, France.

Making the video was a lot of laughs and spontaneity – gathering two creative mothers, Cordelia and I, and our two children, Leander and Iris, who happen to be great friends and have a very touching chemistry.

Cordelia has a unique poetic eye. As an internationally known cinematographer known for her dance films among other artworks, her eye captures movement while at the same time emotions and details. We also share a love of all things vintage and an addiction to Normandy brocantes. You can see some of the pieces we have found in our brocantes raid, like the linen suitcase or the hand sewn quilt.

As for Papooz, I fell in love with the freshness of their music that mixes folk influence with a touch of ukulele. Papooz, made up of Armand and Ulysse, will take you traveling through Gauguin’s islands all the way to Paris. They are rising on the Parisian scene. Watch out for them!

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful collaboration!

For a peek of the collection, you can visit our online store.



By popular demand, we have added two extra trunk shows for this end of season:

Thursday and Friday, December 12-13th:

We have party dresses in time for season celebrations, pre-orders for next Spring and more. Come visit!

Grandview Mansion Apt 105, 1 Wang Fung Terrace, Jardine’s Lookout, Hong Kong.


New Yorkers! La Petite Caravane just arrived in New York!

We have joined The Coveteur and BRIKA at The Paramount Hotel in Times Square for an exciting Pop Up Shop that launches today at 6pm tonight. Come by for the preview!

If you are looking for well-made craft, or a designer fashion piece selected, come by!

Preview party launch: Monday, November 25th from 6-8pm

Pop up dates: From November 25th to January. 5th, 2014.

Where: @ The Paramount Hotel
Free & The Brave Store, 235 W 46th Street,  New York

I am very excited to announce the launch La Petite Caravane’s  new capsule collection “Bonjour, Paris!” this Wednesday, November 20th.

This winter’s inspiration came from one of my favorite muses, Audrey Hepburn, and her iconic musical, Funny Face (1957). I love Audrey’s elegance, timeless style – and cheekiness.

The name, “Bonjour, Paris!” refers to a song performed in trio with Audrey, Fred Astaire and Kay Thompson (author of the classic children’s book Eloise). From Edith Wharton to the present day, I always find the American enthusiasm for my home town of Paris so refreshing.
Collection highlights include vintage-inspired party dresses that are perfect for the celebrations ahead. We also have wool blazers, Peter Pan collar blouses and pleated skirts. For boys, the new range includes classic-style mandarin collar shirts and Prussian velvet Bermuda shorts for the Hong Kong winter. 
Textures include cotton brocade, wool and velvet in magenta, pink, turquoise prints, navy and cream whites.

By popular demand, size range has now expanded to 8 years old.

Do come join us to the launch event this week!

Collection launch: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, November 20, 21, 22 

Grandview Mansion Apt. 105, 1 Wang Fung Terrace, Jardine’s Lookout.
 From 10am to 7pm

Alongside our “Bonjour, Paris!” Collection, we will also  present samples from our “Transatlantique Collection” that pre-launched on the New York-based luxury retailer, Moda Operandi.

We will also present our collections at the following events:

Monday, November 25th  – KEE Club Dim Sum & Then Some Christmas Bazaar, 32 Wellington Street, 6/F, Central.
11am to 8pm

Wednesday, November 27th 
- The Pop Up Shop @The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.

Sunday, December 8th
 – Hong Kong Country Club Christmas Fair, 188 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Deep Water Bay.

If you can’t make it to these events,  please check our online website shortly, or just email me at! 
I hope to see you soon!


Bonjour, Paris!



My friend, Chris McCarthy, shared a photo of his maternal grandmother, Vera Buck (known to all as Bucky Gee), leading the future Queen on a pony at the London Zoo.

What elegance.

Vera worked at the London Zoo kids corner during wartime. Not only did she lead the future queen there, but also met the man of her life.

Geoffrey Simpson Gee, a big nature lover and birdwatcher, saw her at the zoo and told his family that he had met the woman of his life. They were married over 60 years, had 6 children and died within 10 days of each other.

We love these stories.

It was a real pleasure strolling through the Tuileries this autumn, discovering new botanical species and color palette.

The Louvre recently curated an exquisite exhibition in the Tuileries gardens celebrating André Le Nôtre’s legacy as jardinier extraordinaire and principal gardener for Louis XIV.

Le Nôtre perfected the art of creating a “jardin à la francaise” – a style of garden based on symmetry and the principle of imposing order over nature. Vaux-le Vicomte, Chantilly, Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Versailles gardens are among his important legacies.

Growing up in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a royal town just outside Paris and residence of several French kings, I have enjoyed running along Le Nôtre’s long stone terrace which gives a  gasping view on the Seine river with Paris, in distance. Versailles’ gardens are also a short drive away and have been a long time favorite spot for walking and reading.

Thank you to all the wonderful landscape architects who have followed Le Nôtre’s footsteps in creating such beautiful public spaces.



Happy Mid-Autumn festival to those living in China and Vietnam!

Do you have your lanterns in hand?

For those not familiar with the festivities, Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual harvest celebration in honor of the moon and harvest.

The festival has evolved over the years into an exciting children’s festival where rituals include carrying brightly lit lanterns, chasing the Dragon (or Lion) in the streets, and sharing moon cakes with friends and family in honor of the full moon.

I took this picture of lanterns in a Beijing market, in all their shapes, color and sizes. But nothing beats a handmade lantern made by your child.


A wasp gets trapped in a bottle of homemade apple cider in the middle of a tea party.

Now angry, do you release the wasp and risk stinging your guests or do you kill an innocent insect who sought sweet liquid on a sunny afternoon?

This thorny philosophical conundrum faced our four-year-old daughter Iris in Ireland this summer.

Fortunately, among our guests that afternoon was public intellectual and famed philosopher, A.C. Grayling.

Best known for books and lectures on man’s quest for meaning, Grayling was in Ireland to speak at a talk honoring Iris’ great-grandfather, the Irish essayist Hubert Butler.

Unsure about what to do with the trapped insect, Iris tugged at several adults. Absorbed in conversation, none paid attention. Finally, encouraged by her aunt Suzanna, Iris asked Grayling.

Kneeling down to lead Iris through a brief Socratic dialogue, Grayling highlighted the key moral and philosophical issues.

Both options were bad: Sting your guests or kill an innocent insect.

Then, speaking with Solomon-like wisdom, Grayling asked whether there might be a compromise: What if we carry the bottle far from the guests and put it down?

An additional benefit, he added, is that someone could still drink the homemade cider.

Relieved by this solution, Iris placed the bottle at the bottom of the lawn.

Moments later, the wasp flew away.


Our nostalgia for the golden era of transatlantic steamliner is shared by Moustache, the bespoke men’s tailor boutique.

Ellis Kreuger, one of the Moustache boys, is here presenting their creations at The Hub in a Cunard Line trunk from Casa Capriz. Needless to say, Casa Capriz, founded by Irene Capriz, is a vintage haven, filled with exquisite finds from around the globe.

For those interested in the Cunard Line trunk, it has unfortunately already been sold! But look out for Irene’s next shipments!


Last May, La Petite Caravane was among the four brands launching ShopElsewhere, the pioneering and collaborative movement led by Ogilvy and Mather that encourages designers to recommend one another’s products.

After winning a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival 2013, ShopElsewhere has gathered us again with fellow designers to participate at The Hub, Hong Kong’s first fashion trade show organized by creatives.

Come visit us!

August 28-30th 2013

AsiaWord-Expo – Shop Elsewhere Stand # C11

Wednesday & Thursday 9:30am-6:00pm

Friday 9:30am-5:30pm


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